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Ram unholstered his gun.

Can I bring her?

Just to remove any doubt, I no longer live with my parents.

I've already read some of what you wrote.

You're finished already.

I was so happy that I forgot to thank them.

What do you think you need?


Mysore told me to get creative.

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This garden is open to the public and it's free.


They loved each other.


I hear that you would be a good tennis player.

I wasn't sure.

This is no joke.


We might never see you again.

I doubt that Kent will ever come back home.

My beard grows quickly.

His influence in the committee became weaker and weaker.

Al doesn't have a criminal record.


I'm not done yet.

There are a few books in the bag.

I love sunflowers.

Even when the facts demonstrated the opposite, he maintained he hadn't stolen it.

Nobody had Internet in my country.

He has much economic knowledge.

Hence, loathed melancholy.

People have started arming themselves.

Ellen wants to buy out his partner.

How did you get back so soon?

You must promise not to take the rope off.


The first step is the most difficult.

I knew it would happen.

I don't feel like doing my math homework now.

Cindie went to Pune.

Jochen is extremely suspicious.

It seems I've got a little tipsy. Sorry to have talked rubbish...

The application allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - BMI.

He began to fall in love with his co-worker Piercarlo.

Pieter reluctantly went outside.

In my view, you are wrong.

I'll come with her.

Four plus sixteen equals twenty.

This law will benefit the poor.


I can't stand that bloke.

Tracey has been talking about getting a new car for the last three years.

Modern art means little to me.

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The difference is substantial.

Emil is feeding the cows.

I'm taking off.

I don't know if that will be enough money for me.

There are a lot of things to see in Germany.

We should hire Carsten.

My parents objected to my traveling alone, saying it would be dangerous.


How did you get so good at backgammon?

Simon has never won anything in his whole life.

We suggested that she should make up for the loss.

Why is this so important to you?

Lucius says he isn't going to answer any more questions right now.

Masanao and Teruyuki waited for the elevator together.

The reason for my silence is there was nothing special to write about.

Fortunately, I was on time.

Police questioned many persons who worked near the crime scene.


I want to eat something tasty.


Tarmi certainly knew that what he was doing was illegal.

Don't whistle at school.

I don't drink more beer.

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Our kids hate us.

You can't stay for long.

This is an extremely important point.


Thinking about you makes me only hate you more.

Ami thinks he loves Trying more than John loves Alice.

You know I can't give out that kind of information.

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The small seed became a large tree.

Smiling cheerfully, the two began to walk off into their brilliant future.

He worked for one and a half years in the Netherlands.

Police can't be trigger happy.

I believe that's correct.

I'm up here.

I miss my elementary teachers very much.

I am apprehensive of the outcome.

Oh, that's what you mean.


Don't walk in the park at night!

Is there a shorter road to get there?

There isn't a table in the room.

Our business is doing great.

Les doesn't ever say "hi" to his neighbors.


Will you keep playing all night long?

Prices drop in the winter clearance sales.

Don't worry. I'm a doctor.

I have no means to get there tomorrow.

I like Neal already.


Roxane asked me how much I weighed.

I'm now on duty.

How could you let this happen to me?

Can I help in any way?

What's going on with children these days?

It's in your hands, Tharen.

We ended this discussion.

On encountering the celebrity, they asked for his autograph.

Did you get the flowers I sent?


Edgar told Carol he thought she was behaving like a child.

It was dark under the bridge.

A hundred billion castaways are looking for a home.

That isn't really going to happen, is it?

Can he account for his action?

I never learned his real name.

"Who's your favourite classical music composer?" "Debussy."

Clarissa confessed his love to me yesterday and we have started dating.

I am so lonely I think I'm going to cry.

I'll introduce you to the rest of the shipmates.

We have plenty of room.

Where's your home?

He focused on his studies.

Claude crawled out of bed.

Food gives life, life gives strength and strength gives great feats.

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It seems to be a lynx.


We are delighted with her presence.

The dog has been barking.

Can I have the doctor look at me?

Rob's arm had to be amputated.

I was chuffed with the result.

What do you do for relaxation?

I will choose one of them.

I'm hungry. How about you?

Siping is a little crazy.


I have a feeling he's not going to let me off the hook that easily.

I don't think it's funny at all.

I've spoken amply about the project.

I was very close to her.

I have two daughters and two sons.

You cannot take back what you have said.

Tammy called me from Boston.

Who is the girl in this picture?

They kept it to themselves that the king was dead.

The sun fades colors.

You were wearing a blue coat the day I first met you.

Louis seems to always be away on business.

You can't be too careful when you drive a car.


Everybody in that family has a car of their own.

She told me that I lacked manliness.

He is thoroughly familiar with the business.

I know it's not a joke.

That makes me want to laugh.

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We can speak both Japanese and Korean.

I was very ill at ease with those people.

I have never heard of Tatoeba.

It's him or me.

It's a black tie event.

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Thanks for this. I appreciate it.

The model plane they built was fragile.

What is its purpose?


He read the letter in a loud voice.

Young girls' desire for slim figures is strong.

I could kick myself for that.


I found out that the opposing counsel is planning on deposing three expert witnesses.

Christofer didn't want Ric to find out about what had happened.

She is not as patient as you.

You already packed the suitcases.

Marek likes coffee without sugar.

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I can handle them.

The babies are taken care of by volunteers.

Surrounded by hordes of vampires, Christopher Columbus once had an epic sword duel with Count Dracula in the latter's castle. After the Count cut off Columbus's hand, Columbus calmly picked it up, put it back in place, and proceeded to best the Count.


Do you subscribe to any magazines?

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She's in total denial about her husband's philandering.

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In Haiti, there was a large earthquake.

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We checked in at the hotel at 5 p.m.


There is little chance of his winning.